Ah.. coffee! How the word itself relieves a certain amount of stress in our head. For a majority in the world, the day must start with a good cup of Coffee. Be it an Espresso, an Americano or a latte, A good cup of Coffee is definitely a Kickstarter for the day. As I sip onto my aromatic Coffee every day I cannot help but wonder about the history of the Coffee bean and how the first cup of Coffee ever was brewed. Being the book worm that I am and with an urge to know all about it I researched the entire birth story of the most beloved bean of the Earth. Here I present to you, The story of Coffee.


The History of this beloved bean funnily involves an Ethiopian Goatherder named Kaldi, who one day noticed that his goats went completely berserk with energy. Kaldi saw that all the goats were nibbling at bright red cherries from a very different kind of a shrub nearby. Curiosity got the better of him and he found himself eating the berries. Surprisingly he felt extraordinarily stimulated and Energised. Convinced that he found a miracle, he went to a learned holy man. the holy man on hearing the story pronounced the beans to be evil and flung them off into the fire. To everybody’s surprise and the holy man’s a pleasant aroma filled the air. Changing his mind the picked up the beans and threw them into the water. when he tasted the water he noticed that helped him be more alert during his evening prayers. Soon the word about the berries spread and it spread over the globe pretty quickly.

In the 13th century, Arabian coffeehouses known as “kiva han” serving coffee became extremely popular. these coffee houses soon became the meeting spot for politicians, artists, students, storytellers, travelers, and tradesmen. these coffeehouses also served as a place to showcase talent, hold discussions and were also filled with gambling and spirited political, social and religious discussions. At that time, coffee was brewed in small pots names as “Ibrik” which was invented in Egypt. Coffee houses popped up all over Europe with the first London coffee house opening in 1652. the Africans initially used the Coffee berries as food on long journeys. The Arabs got their beans from Ethiopia and used it as wine as no Alcoholic beverages were not supposed to be consumed according to traditional Islam. The roasting process only came later on for which the credit goes to the Persians.


As with more Fruit trees, Coffee trees follow and annual cycle of blossoming and fruition. In the month of April, fragrant white flowers blossom on coffee plants after pre-monsoon showers. Soon the flower gives way to that gradually turn from green to bright red berries and are ready by December. The months of January till March see hectic activity in Coffee estates where the berries are hand picked and then sent for processing.

Coffee plants come in two varieties namely ARABICA and ROBUSTA. Arabica grows better in higher Altitudes and Robusta at lower Altitudes. Arabica variety is pretty mild and has very less caffeine where are Robusta is mostly used in blends to provide more of a structure to the coffee. Arabica is a variety that yields a more complex flavor and is also more Aromatic resulting in a Higher market value compared to the Robusta variety. Arabica requires more care and nutrition and is more suitable for large holdings.

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Arabica and Robusta follow two very different ways of processing. One process is called Washed process (wet) whereas the other is called unwashed process (natural/dry).

Washed process: In this process berries are pulped and beans are extracted. The beans are then fermented for twenty-four hours in large tanks and the pulp is then removed by washing with water. These seeds are the dried in sun or on commercial dryers.

Unwashed process: This is the oldest and the most natural process.It is also the cheapest. the workers rake the fruits constantly to make sure they are thoroughly dried.After the two to a three-week drying process, the beans are sent to the market.


Often we come across differently named varieties of coffee but one doesn’t really understand the need for so many names. All these types of coffee taste differently due to the varying proportions of the coffee, milk, and water in them.though there are around 50 different types of Coffee available but the following are the most well known and widely available.

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Espresso: Espresso is the foundation and the most important part of every espresso-based drink.Espresso coffee is often blended from several roasts to form a bold – not bitter flavor. This finely ground coffee is put into a “portafilter” and high-pressure water is then forced through the powder and is extracted in small amounts. You can brew it in varying strongness and that is why it is mostly reffered to as a shot. Espresso in its purest form is mostly popular in Europe.

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Latte: This is very popular drink in America. It is probably due to its sweet, subtle flavor. One shot of espresso is mixed with 6 to 8 ounces of steamed milk, then topped with foam – if you prefer. Without the foam, it’s officially known as a Flat White.

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Cappuccino: A cappuccino is similar to a latte. However, the key difference between a latte and cappuccino is that a cappuccino has more foam and chocolate placed on top of the drink.A cappuccino is made in a cup rather than a tumbler glass.

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Mocha: A mocha is a mix between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. It is made by mixing chocolate powder with an espresso shot and then adding steamed milk and microfoam into the beverage.

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Americano: An Americano is basically a water-downed Espresso which tastes the closest to simple, brewed coffee.

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Affogato: An affogato is a simple coffee dessert that is mostly eaten during summer and after dinner. It is made by placing one big scoop of vanilla ice cream within a single or double shot of espresso.

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Be it in any form Coffee has become a must in our Everyday lives and it never fails to keep us energized throughout the day. As they say coffee is why you get out of bed everyday 🙂